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Have you ever stepped on ants in your home and suddenly there was a very distinct smell, like a rotten coconut? You have come across the Odorous House Ant. Odorous House Ants are the second most common insect identified at the Urban IPM Lab in Knoxville. “In the mid-South region of the U.S. in northern Mississippi, West Tennessee, and Arkansas, it (Odorous House Ant) is the primary pest ant invading buildings.” 

When inside your home, they will be found where food is stored as they are attracted to sweets but will eat any household food. They will also be found where there is moisture found in the walls, near water pipes and bathrooms, or near garbage cans and underneath carpets. These ants may look to move indoors during periods of heavy rain. Colonies can range from hundreds to many thousands and will overrun your home is not controlled.
When you call a carpenter to your home you are expecting to pay for some work to be done. When Carpenter Ants show up they are all work as they are the most aggressive wood destroying insects.
The new addition being added to your home is their new home, and an ever expanding one. These ants do not eat wood like termites do but bore out holes for nesting. The preferred home for these ants is moisture-damaged wood but they will burrow into seasoned hard wood and can cause structural damage to the integrity of the wood and require costly repairs. 
Damage to your home is not the only damage Carpenter Ants can cause. This is an aggressive ant that will bite when they feel the nest is being threatened or disturbed. The venom is not very strong, but formic acid on their pincers will cause a bite to be very painful with a burning sensation and they will attack in large numbers. If you see signs of Carpenter Ants, such as piles of a coarse substance that looks like sawdust, call us Empire Pest Solutions. This is an infestation that must be brought under control quickly.

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