Conway, Arkansas Bed Bugs

Bed bugs were once the scourge of homeless shelters, low income housing, and never do well hotels and motels. Just the mention of bed bugs in your home and the negative looks and judgement start to fly. If you have bed bugs, you are not alone and getting rid of them is not so easy. According to the 2010 Comprehensive Global Bed Bug Study, whose results were based on surveys completed by nearly 1000 U.S. and International pest management companies, “bed bugs are the most difficult pest to treat, according to 76 percent of survey respondents, more so than cockroaches, ants and termites. 

As for where infestations occur, residences top the list with 89 percent of pest professionals treating bed bug infestations in apartments/condos and 88 percent treating bed bug infestations in single-family homes. Respondents also report other common areas, with 67 percent treating bed bug infestations in hotels/motels, 35 percent in college dormitories, 9 percent on various modes of transportation, 5 percent in laundry facilities, and 4 percent in movie theatres.
In the United States, bed bug infestations are reaching an epidemic proportion. In the course of the average day, most people find themselves in more than one place on the above list. So, how do you know if you have bed bugs? Bed bugs may be easily confused with other pests, as 84 percent of pest control professionals were initially contacted about a different type of pest before identifying them as bed bugs. The majority of these contacts (71 percent) were about fleas, followed by cockroaches (28 percent). These numbers are based on a 2018 joint study between the NPMA and the University of Kentucky. 
The following list may be signs of bed bugs:
  • Bloodstains on the bed sheets
  • Red bite marks with a darker red center
  • Dots the size of pencil points which may bleed in to the fabric. This is bed bug feces.
  • Pale yellow skins

If you have any of these signs, call us today. Bed bugs can also cause serious health problems so don’t delay.