Conway, Arkansas Fire Ant Control

If you’ve ever been bitten by a fire ant, chances are you can recall the painful experience like it was yesterday. Their bite is referred to as a sting, and for good reason. As if getting stung by one of these invasive critters wasn’t enough, coming in contact with just one fire ant nest can subject you to over 200,000 fire ants, all of which can bite several times at once. 
Many people don’t realize fire ants are actually a non-native species which made their way into American soil in 1935. They spread into Arkansas in the 1950s and by 2016 over half of Arkansas became under quarantine to prevent fire ants from spreading.
With their painful sting that often leaves blisters, running into fire ants at your home or business can leave you in a panic. However, with Empire Pest Solutions we will rid you of these harmful bugs once and for all. 

Identifying Fire Ants

The first step to successful fire ant pest control is proper identification. If you think you’ve come in contact with fire ants, it’s easy to feel dread sweep over your body. However, many people don’t realize that other ant species are frequently mistaken for fire ants. The most troublesome species of fire ants are red imported fire ants (RIFA) black imported fire ants (BIFA) or the hybrid species of a mixture of the two. 
People typically notice fire ants on their property by the mounds they produce. When disturbed, the ants will run vertically. 
Treatment Options for Fire Ants
When faced with mounds of fire ants in your yard it’s overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several effective treatment methods that get rid of fire ants for good. It’s critical to note that the treatments used outdoors are not safe for indoor use. At Empire Pest Solutions we know the proper steps to take to ensure effective and safe treatment applications. Often people try treating fire ants on their own because they seek quick results or want to save money. However, what they don’t realize is they’re making the process longer and more costly in the end.

When working with Empire Pest Solutions, we will determine the most effective method of treatment for your fire ant problem. If you’re wondering when to call, the time is now. We will come out for a free inspection and see what options are available for your fire ant removal needs.