Conway, Arkansas New Construction Pest Treatment

Your home may be the greatest financial investment of your life. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to have a home built for you from the ground up. If that is the case, you must talk to your home builder about having your property pre-treated for termites. 

There are some lending institutions and counties for which this is a requirement. Why is pre-treatment so important in Arkansas? Termites are found in most areas of Arkansas and cause millions of dollars of damage each year. Subterranean Termites live in the soil around your new home. According to entomology experts, termite attacks may even begin within a year after construction.” With numbers like this pre-treatment is not a nice to have, but a must have. 

What is pre-treatment exactly? Before the slab of your new home is poured, we will come out and treat the soil around the perimeter of the slab location. According to the training manual, Termite Prevention and Control Methods,” done at the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture, “Chemical treatment of the soil around or under the foundation of buildings serves as one of the most important means of isolating a building from termites; it provides protection from termite attack for many years. Treatment is most effective when done before and during construction of the foundation a barrier is created to block off the concealed subterranean termites that may already be lurking.”
Termite damage is not something you ever want to worry about, especially before your home is even built. Call us today to come out to the construction site, assess what is needed, and start the protection of your most valuable asset.

This service comes with a one year warranty and the service will continue for the life of the home so long as the service is continued.