Conway, Arkansas Scorpion Control

The most common scorpion found in Arkansas, and the only one widely distributed around the state, is the Striped Bark Scorpion. It is recognizable by a pair of dark, longitudinal stripes across its back, a long yellowish tail, and its barbed stinger. An adult Striped Bark Scorpion is about two and a half inches long. This scorpion is most commonly found in the western regions of the state. However, it is highly adaptable, and can be found anywhere from pine forests to grasslands to deserts—or inside people’s homes. 
Scorpions are excellent climbers and can scale the outside walls of houses. They find their way indoors through windows, cracks in walls, holes in foundations, and under doorways and are most active in April, May, and June. Aside from being unsanitary pests, they are undesirable inside the house because of their well-known toxic stingers. Although the Striped Bark Scorpion’s sting is unlikely to cause serious allergic reactions or death, it can still cause a host of other problems. The sting is very painful and immediately causes the flesh around it to swell. Other symptoms vary from numbness and tingling to nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and/or tightness of the chest.
Scorpions are also found in wood or rock piles in people’s yards. A common source of scorpion stings for both children and adults is moving rocks or wood with bare hands. The outside condition of the home can influence the likelihood of a scorpion infestation. If there is a water source near the home scorpion infestations are much more likely. Scorpions are incredible adapters and they can make shelters out of almost anything, including piles of clothes, cardboard boxes stored on the floor, clutter around beds, and bushes and foliage that grow near houses.
One of the greatest difficulties associated with scorpions is how difficult it is to prevent them from entering dwellings. Because they are nocturnal and good climbers, they can easily enter houses unnoticed. Striped Bark Scorpions can slip through cracks the size of a credit card slot. Once an infestation has occurred, the most effective way to get rid of them is to use Empire Pest Solutions. Some home remedies suggest trying to hunt them at night using knives and blacklights, but this method is dangerous, difficult, and impractical

Striped Bark Scorpions prey on other insects, so if a home is already infested with ants, cockroaches, or other bugs, the scorpion has a built in food source. Scorpion infestations are a sign that it is time to seek professional help. Empire Pest Solutions is an excellent resource to get rid of these pests. Call us today for a free inspection and we will get this dangerous pest and its food source taken care of.